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Jennifer Edwards – Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Jennifer Edwards, Dip. Couns. (Counselling) Cert. Metaphysics Member ACA

“I am happiest when I am supporting people to connect back to themselves; to help them find out how they truly feel, and what they truly think and believe about themselves rather than what they are ‘supposed’ to feel, think and believe. My focus is on awareness, mindfulness and what our feelings and body sensations are trying to tell us. The practise of re-connection to that ‘larger part of ourselves’ and the adventurous journey of getting to know yourself along the way can’t help but support healing, growth and happiness.”

The Emotional Survival Kit is a ‘toolkit’ for life; a collection of easy to understand yet perspective shifting ‘tools’ that you can use right now to help you pinpoint how you are feeling in any situation. The crucial insight provided in each of these ‘tools’ help you discover for yourself what is really going on for you and how you are feeling; they support you to ‘be’ with your situation, then give you a ‘tool’ to help you change the situation, thereby reducing anxiety and creating more emotional freedom and happiness.

Whether you have been diagnosed ‘ill’, ‘depressed’, are in an unhappy relationship or going through a relationship break-up; if you have experienced a loss of any kind or just want to break recurring, negative patterns or beliefs, the Emotional Survival Kit will support you to ‘feel’ more honestly, understand more clearly and ‘think’ more usefully as you are empowered to build the life you really want to live.

The Emotional Survival Kit is available as an APP (by searching Emotional Survival Kit) at the App Store for 99 cents or as a beautifully presented set of plastic coated cards available through www.emotionalsurvivalkit.com.au (pay through Paypal at $24 per set).

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