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Climate Action Day in the Park – Blackheath

17 November, 2013 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Climate Action Day Blackheath



Whether you believe in climate science, are confused or don’t believe, do not get caught in the net of apathy.

When the civil rights movement happened in the US people did not debate the nature of freedom, they just agreed people should be free.

Climate change is a symbol of caring about the earth, rejecting a society where selfishness is the core and where a powerful minority can distort a debate backed by an enormous majority.

Whether the climate is changing or not – do you believe we are damaging the earth significantly? Do you believe that the earth is incredible and worth saving?

Do you believe in a democracy where the powerful few cannot control the many?

Do you believe that community is more important than selfishness?

Then join many others of like mind next Sunday at The Garden Park by the Library in Blackheath at 2pm, or Prince Alfred Park in Sydney, 11am.


These gatherings in all parts of Australia are supported by the Fire Brigade Employees Union, Oxfam, World Wildlife Fund, Australian Conservation Council, Greenpeace, Nature Conservation of NSW Society, Environment Victoria and other groups who care for our environment and our future.





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