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More Bad News about the Highway

  If you haven’t looked in your letter box yet, you’ll find evidence that the RTA/RMS really doesn’t listen to a word we say  to them, and are insisting on ruining our lovely valley quite unnecessarily. Read all about it here:  http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadprojects/projects/western_region/mt_victoria_lithgow/index.html and then write to your State and Federal…

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  Do not be alarmed. The smoke you see billowing from Hassan’s Walls is part of a fire hazard reduction program that is being carried out over the next few days. It certainly makes for dramatic sunsets!  

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Chris Bird

  I’m sorry to announce the passing of one of the most genial and generous people in the Hartley community. Chris Bird passed away at 3 pm on Monday 8th April, 2013, aged 84. He never regained consciousness after undergoing heart surgery on 22nd March. Our sincere sympathy goes out…

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