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Animal Welfare & Care


Many of these topics are touched on in the Country Living Page, but for ease of access, a separate page focussing on Animals is being prepared, with general information and links to Sites of special interest.


Equiculture – Equiculture promotes responsible horse ownership through education and a commitment to ongoing learning.

By using this website you will more learn about:-


For those who are concerned about the welfare of horses, ponies or donkeys in their neighbourhood, but are not sure what to do Quest can offer invaluable guidance and assistance.

Quest Equine Welfare aims to promote humane standards, public awareness, and education regarding the care and responsibilities of horse ownership, through community outreach, direct assistance, and through example.

Owner responsibility is at the core of all of Quest’s projects and services offered. This includes being available to owners who are struggling to maintain adequate care of their equines. Quest is happy to offer suggestions, referrals, advice, and practice assistance where appropriate and possible to anyone finding themselves in this position, and do so in a supportive and non-judgmental manner.


A new initiative called Equine Welfare is pleased to offer the first Certificate in Equine Welfare. Seminars are designed to be accessible to everybody; If you are considering buying your first horse or if you have been working in the industry for decades – these seminars will challenge and stimulate. Have a look at the website www.equinewelfare.com.au


Horse Rescue Australia  Website – www.horserescue.com.au

Horse Rescue Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation and registered charity, devoted to the care and rehabilitation of horses that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. The group was founded in 1986 and is based in NSW. They are self-funded through memberships, sponsorships, donations and benefit events. HRA receives no government funding at all.


Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of NSW        Website – www.standardbred.org.au

This is the NSW group’s website but there are links to the six other similar organisations in other states and territories. These organisations promote the Standardbred as a successful and versatile horse that can excel in many disciplines outside their traditional role of harness racing. Through an adoption program they endeavour to locate suitable pleasure and performance homes for Standardbred horses retired from or otherwise unsuitable for harness racing. They encourage Standardbred owners to develop their horsemanship skills and the potential of their horses by guiding them to appropriate resources. They recognise the achievements of Standardbreds in all equestrian disciplines outside of harness racing.


Summer Heat Alert

The summer months in Southern Australia are normally hot and dry, and in these states the hot weather, as well as in some northern areas where the tropical heat and high humidity combine, the ambient heat in the air can reduce the ability of a horse to lose heat absorbed when out in the paddock grazing, in stables overnight, as well as during and after training exercise.


Prepare your horse for bush fire NSW RFS

Give everyone, including your horse, the best chance of survival by preparing a Bush Fire Survival Plan with your family. If your property is well prepared and you are prepared, your horse will have a better chance of surviving a bush fire event.


Upcoming Workshops 

Managing Horses on Small Properties

(or Sustainable Horsekeeping)

The environment in which your horses live greatly affects their health and well being. This seminar shows you how by following good land management practices you can reduce illness and injury to your horse/s, allow more natural behaviour for your horse/s, reduce feed bills, avoid spending money on the wrong facilities, increase the value of your property and enhance the wider environment all at the same time.

The managing horses on small properties seminar is a one day indoor seminar. It covers the sustainable management of a horse property – pasture management – grazing management – how to avoid land degradation – how to keep the waterways clean – water conservation and supply – manure management – property planning and design – the benefits of trees and plants. The seminar is presented by Jane & Stuart Myers sometimes with additional guest speakers depending on circumstances. The presentation is lively with lots of pictures – no boring bits!!


Saturday 15th February –Dural Memorial Hall NSW

604 Old Northern Rd, Dural NSW 2158

Managing Horses on Small Properties One Day Seminar

To register contact Donna Fitton of Hornsby Council on dfitton@hornsby.nsw.gov.au or 02 9847 6976 


Sunday 16th February – Green Point Community Centre

96 Koolang Rd, Green Point NSW 2251 (Central Coast)

Managing Horses on Small Properties One Day Seminar

Register now at:



Saturday 22 February – Remony Farm Kurrajong NSW (address on registration)

Managing Horses on Small Properties One Day Seminar

Register now at:



Advanced Property Planning Workshops

For those who have previously attended the Managing Horses on Small Properties Workshop, this one day seminar builds on previous knowledge and includes one on one time examining your property. Participants need to bring an aerial photo or google earth map or their property. Numbers are capped at 10 property owners. Includes a field trip in the afternoon.


Sunday 23rd February – Waratah Room, Lithgow Workers Club NSW

Advanced Horse Property Planning Workshop One Day Seminar

Register now at:




For further information please contact Vanessa Keyzer

Greater Sydney Regional Landcare Facilitator

on the details in the email signature below.

Vanessa Keyzer | Regional Landcare Facilitator

Greater Sydney Local Land Services | Level 4 | 2-6 Station Street | Penrith NSW  2750 | T: 02 4725 3041 | F: 02 4725 3088 vanessa.keyzer@lls.nsw.gov.au





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