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Submissions to the RTA/RMS about the Highway Concept Design and the Proposed Safety Upgrade close on 26th October


You’ve all, by now received the information brochures from the RTA (now RMS) about the proposed superhighway bisecting our Valley as well as the Proposed Safety Upgrade, which we’ve been waiting so long for. Many have been to the information sessions and displays or found the information on the RMS website – or this website, and many have been to the Community Meetings organised by the Hartley Highway Action Group and hosted by the Hartley District Progress Association.

If you haven’t acted yourself, by completing the submission form on the RMS brochures or written to  or emailed the Mt Victoria to Lithgow Highway Alliance (the RMS), you  have only days to get your individual submissions posted.

Lobbying your local state and federal parliamentarians may have more impact in the long term as most of the decisions about roads and such infrastructure are ultimately  political ones. There is no cut off date for approaching the politicians, but the sooner the better.

There’s plenty of information about what is happening on the Highway Pages of this Website, with drop down menus to RTA/RMS information as well as the Hartley & Blackheath Highway Action Groups.

For information about the results of the latest Community Meeting held on Saturday 20th October and attended by over 80 residents of the Valley, see the HHAG  News Update Page.

If you’re not sure what to say in your submission, here are links to three different residents’ ways of expressing their concern and condemnation of the proposed superhighway and feelings about the Proposed Safety upgrade. You are invited to use these letters as inspiration for your own, or to copy the entire letter of your choosing if it expresses your own views also.

Sample letter opposing Hartley Superhighway (1) 10-12

Sample letter opposing Hartley Superhighway (2) 10-12

Sample letter opposing Hartley superhighway (3) 10-12

and specifically on the proposed Safety Upgrade:

Points to Consider on the Safety Upgrade October 2012

The Hartley Highway Action Group’s Submission to the RMS  on the Mt Victoria to Lithgow Superhighway Concept Plan and proposed Safety Upgrade can be found here:

RMS submission Oct 2012

Information about addresses both postal and email to send your submissions to are included in the sample letters and can be found on the RTA/RMS Pages of this web-site.



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