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Total Fire Ban continues into Wednesday 8th January



A Scrub fire in Berry St near Doctors Gap off the Vale of Clywwd  is our of control affecting 40 acres .

Helicopters have been aerial  bombing the fire with water from the north of Hartley Valley since dawn this morning.

RFS has a Watch and Act alert on this blaze.


Minimum temperature overnight was 20 degrees C! and there’s a fresh wind from the West after last night’s very strong NNW winds have eased.

Yesterday’s TOTAL FIRE BAN continues into today.

Lighting a fire on a day of Total Fire Ban attracts a fine of up to $5500 and/or 12 months gaol. Penalties for a fire that escapes and damages or destroys life, property or the environment can attract much greater fines and gaol terms with maximums at $100,000 and/or 14 years gaol.

Civil law suits can also be brought against the person responsible for a fire by those seeking compensation for losses sustained.

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