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What are you Dying to Know?


What change do you want to see in your local community about the way we “do death”?

Is it to raise awareness about Wills or legacy?
Advance Care Plans or healthcare directives?
More people having the conversation?
Stronger bereavement support?
Family-led deathcare practices?
Greater access to Palliative care?
DYI funerals?
Dying To Know Day is a Call To ACTION.

Start a discussion
Invite a guest speaker to lunch
Read a Dying to Know Day OR find a new deathly blog
Participate in online activism
Do a workplace visit to your local funeral director or crematorium
Read a book that inspireschanges knowledge and will challenge your views on some aspect of death, dying and bereavement

Or… What have you been Dying To Know? Do that. Find that knowledge!

Be inspired and become more equipped to be the ‘death talker‘ in your family and community.

Register your event The Groundswell Project and if you are looking for inspiration or for an event to attend watch THIS space for updates.

Dying to Know Day on August 8th encourages all Australians to take action toward more open and honest conversations about death, dying and bereavement. Inspired by the

Igniting Change book, D2K  Day is a not for profit community day of action initiated by The GroundSwell Project.

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