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Bush Fire Danger Period is With Us


The August rain, boosted by the rain that accompanied the snow fall in mid October has resulted in an explosion of grass.

If you have stock you will be delighted, but for ungrazed house paddocks and residential blocks, the bonanza of grass will, unless dealt to, be a tinder box waiting for a spark once the hot weather cuts in, which it is doing right now, with these hot, dry winds and absence of rain.

So be prepared, mow or slash excess grass early before the act of mowing can become the spark generator that sets it all alight.

And remember; Identification – Make sure your property is clearly identified with a number . Remember the Rural Number system is not just a number, it tells emergency services the distance from the last intersection and the side of the road your house is on.

Entrances and Gates – Make your entrance as easy for emergency serve vehicles to enter as possible. Remember how large a Fire Brigade Truck is. Difficult angles and narrow gates make it slower for us to get to you.

Overhanging obstructions – The larger Bushfire trucks are used for property protection. They need 4.6m high clearance and at least 3.0m wide for unhindered access.

Your Garden – Don’t plant trees that will grow tall or wide close to the house. Also, keep the area adjacent to the foundations clear from plantings and combustible materials.

In the case of a fire emergency remove all other combustible materials from around the house like hanging baskets, door mats etc.

Mulch made from combustible materials like bark can cause an easy ignition point in the case of ember attack.

Don’t forget to clean out the gutters!

Take the time to walk around your house and assess the fire risk.

If you want any specific advice on protecting your property or on developing your bushfire management plan contact

Hartley Captain Jed Peters on 0419 215 196 or Kanimbla Captain Jim Commens on 0417 273 438.

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