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Seasons Greetings to All in the Valley

….and to all of those who read these pages from afar, also.

The valley was blessed with nearly two days of rain in the week leading up to Christmas, and cooler temperatures that were a relief to everyone, and yet, it was nowhere near enough to make up for the months of below average rainfalls that have been our lot since July.

With barely 2 inches of rain falling in November (‘average’ being 75mm or 3ins), following very low falls in August (35mm – ‘average’ being 75mm), September (15mm – ‘average’ is 65mm) and October (32mm  – ‘average’ being 85mm), the 36mm that fell this week only brought the December rainfall to 46mm, far short of the “average” of 95mm.

Without reliable rainfall, dam levels are shrinking, grass haying off and dying, trees are heat stressed, and fire danger is rising. It is a time for caution amid the festivities – not just with barbecues and cigarette butts,  but with machinery like slashers, and angle grinders – even motor bikes, that can generate sparks that can so easily ignite fires in these hot, dry conditions. And please, no fireworks for new year here! Not only are they are danger with fire, but terrify native and domestic animals alike.

We wish  you all a happy and serene Festive Season and look forward to good rains for dams and tanks, for stock and gardens in the New Year.

Midsummer 2015


Sunday 6th March is Clean Up Australia Day, and Monday 7th March is the next meeting of the Hartley District Progress Association at the Old School in Mid Hartley Road from 7pm. Come and meet our new team.

And just for a bit of fun at the end of this, the hottest year in recorded history: Baby, it’s Hot Outside


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