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Vale past teacher of Hartley School, Ian Thomas (1924-2017)

Many people within the Hartley Community have fond memories of Mr Thomas, the last teacher at Hartley Vale School in 1955, who went on to teach at Hartley School in Mid Hartley Road until 1963. Mr Thomas returned to Hartley frequently to visit his old school and the friends he made within the community. 

Ian Thomas died peacefully at Queen Victoria Nursing Home in Thirlmere, NSW, close to where he and Betty had lived during their retirement, on Sunday, 12th February, 2017. 

Ian’s family and friends are scattered around Australia and overseas. And so, his family would like to mark his passing by sharing a “simultaneous” memorial service, on the same day, wherever you may be in the world. Baden-Powell’s birthday is on 21st February, it seems a fitting date to pick to remember Ian, when his scouting experience was so important in his life.

Accordingly, please take time to have a scrumptious “elevenses” or supper on Tuesday 21 February 2017. Below are some small reflections from his life in pdf format. Just click on the blue writing to access this wonderful document, compiled by Ian’s youngest daughter, Wendy:

Ian Clive James Thomas

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