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HDPA Positions/Roles and Responsibilities

HDPA Positions and Responsibilities
Position Responsibilities
President • Oversee the operations of the HDPA in accordance with the Constitution and in keeping with financial, governance and ethical standards of the Association Incorporations Act
• Set the strategic direction and annual planning for the HDPA
• Maintain relationship with key stakeholders
• Intervene on matters impacting the local community
• Closely liaise with members and ensure timely communications
Vice-President • Champion HDPA membership
• Advance the cause of HDPA through new initiatives
• Lead subcommittees in accordance with agreed work plans
• Act on behalf of the President, where required
Treasurer • Oversee the financial affairs of the HDPA
• Produce quarterly updates of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements and prepare/issue annual financial accounts
• Seek independent review of annual accounts
• Act as HDPA’s public officer
Secretary • Record and issue meeting minutes and maintain meeting / correspondence records
• Maintaining register of member details
• Check mail
Committee / Specific Responsibilities
Social Subcommittee • Plan and coordinate agreed HDPA social events
• Manage all necessary logistics (eg. equipment hire, entertainment, food preparation)
• Seek sponsorship, where necessary
Building Subcommittee • Work closely with the Hartley Recreational Reserves Trust to:
? Oversee refurbishment of the historic school site to agreed budget
? Develop an overall masterplan for the school site
? Submit proposals for infrastructure grant funding
Website / Facebook editor • Review, draft and/or upload information onto the HDPA website, including updating upcoming events
• Communicate key events / information via HDPA’s Facebook page
• Monitor HDPA website security (in liaison with Central West IT Lithgow)
• Propose initiatives to improve HDPA website look and feel
Hall Hire management • Take enquiries and issue hall hire policy / instructions
• Keep a diary of hall bookings
• Maintain cleanliness of hall / school kitchen
• Ensure toilets are kept clean
• Issue keys to users and ensure prompt return
Business Directory production • Produce annual A5 Business Directory featuring advertisers
• Produce abridged version of the Directory as part of the quarterly newsletter
• Provide and update on-line version of the business directory
Newsletter production • Issue four (4) newsletters per year
• Gather, draft and edit / review information
• Coordinate newsletter printing
• Coordinate newsletter distribution, including inserts by third parties

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