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Total Fire Ban on the Longest Day of the Year


The sun reached the Tropic of Capricorn at 4 am today (well, it appeared to do so from a mortal perspective), making this the longest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere – sunrise at 5.46 am and sunset at 8.09 this evening.

It was also 27°C  at 8 am (that’s 7 am Eastern Australian Time) with blustery North to North West winds blowing up a classic bush fire danger day.

With the fire ratings for the Central Ranges at Severe, there is a TOTAL FIRE BAN  today.

To find out exactly what that means here’s the link to the RFS web page listing Fire Ban Rules.

Meanwhile it is also advisable to refrain from using slashers, angle grinders or any machinery that may in any way cause a spark.

Be extra careful to properly extinguish matches and cigarette butts as well.

Now that mowing and odd jobbing are out there’s plenty of time for some Rain Dancing.  We could certainly do with an inch or 4 right now!


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