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Newly Formed Walking Group in Hartley

The newly formed Hartley Walking Group or “Hartley Hikers” met for the first time on Friday 11th March at the Hartley Post Office Café to make plans for their first adventure.

With many historic and interesting tracks to explore within and around the valley the group of six, (Barb Wheat, Kerrie Elgar, Jane Dodd, A J Jack, Seamus Casey, & Diane Green) suggested several possibilities for their initial walks.

Berghoffers Pass, linking the valley with Mt York was chosen for the first Friday morning walk to be held on 18th March, and also for the first Wednesday morning walk on 30th March, with Lawsons Long Alley being chosen for Friday 1st April, all starting at 8.30am to enjoy the walk before the day becomes too hot.

Other tracks and walks planned for the future are the Lockyers Track, (the third historic track linking Hartley Vale with Mt York), Hyde Park Reserve, Hassans Walls, Horn Point (off Mt Piddington in Mt Victoria), Cox’s Cave, & Fairy Dell (also in Mt Victoria).

The group welcomes other interested walkers, as well as suggestions of tracks and trails to explore. Our walking days are Wednesdays and Fridays.

Barb Wheat has volunteered to be our communications ‘officer’. Her number is 0415 539 801.

More information about the walks already planned are to be found on the Events pages and links are highlighted above.

It’s early days yet, and the group will develop in its own way, but it is generally formed as a means to enjoy this beautiful countryside in good company, so come and walk with us!




  1. Hi,
    I live in Lithgow and would be interested in joining the new group for walking. Will you be having a set day for your walks?

    Look forward to hearing back from you. Del

  2. sounds like a great idea..happy walking/hiking! 🙂

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