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Long Lunch participants get more than their just desserts

Imagine sitting in the glorious autumn sunshine on a Sunday afternoon, surrounded by friends and neighbours, sipping wine and eating barbecued lamb fresh off an open fire, while listening to mellow dinner music.

If you need to imagine it, then you weren’t at the Hartley Long Lunch on Sunday.

Over 70 people attended, catching up with old friends and making new ones. Numbers were limited by the number of chairs we had and several last minute bookings couldn’t be fitted in!

The lamb was cooked magnificently using the soon to be patented Moodie Bed Frame Barbecue and accompanied by a wide variety of salads, many made from local produce. Further supporting local industry, we supplied the stunning Oakey Park Ale from the Zig Zag Brewery, as well as a good selection of wines.

Music was from the incredibly talented Peter Miller Robinson who played a mix of old classics and originals,  recruiting some of the local children to provide percussive accompaniment to a few tunes.

Dessert was a stunning array of home made cakes and slices including a Ferris wheel with cupcake passengers.

Money raised from the event will go towards improving the Old Hartley School and plans are already underway for another event next year.


  1. sounds like a great event! glad it was so successful…:)

  2. Truth be known – I think Ramsay could probably get an innovation patent on the moodie bed frame bbq. It’s a fab bbq and comfy to boot !!

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