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NBN Telecom Tower update

Hello everyone

As you would know, NBN (through their consultant designer, Aurecon) has submitted a DA for its wireless telecom tower.  Attached is a letter and accompanying drawings from Lithgow Council which has extended the date  for community response – to 21 February.The reason for the extension is the fact Aurecon got the Lot No. wrong – a great start on their part!

If you would like to understand more about the proposed DA and / or provide your views, please contact Council directly – details are on the covering letter.We all desperately need better telecommunications in the area – we’ve been waiting for so long.

I’ve read through the supporting document from NBN and there are some inaccuracies, especially in relation to the impact on residents nearest the site. Also, I’ve been notified by one of our members (Mr Dunstan) that he was given DA approval from Council for dwellings immediately adjacent to the proposed NBN site (this matter is not mentioned by NBN).

For me, it is important there’s accuracy in what NBN is proposing or saying.Therefore, I’m proposing to write to Council asking them to clarify with NBN their policy on the minimum distance from residential development for siting a wireless tower. If you disagree with my writing to Council seeking clarification please let me know by Thursday, 15th.

Cheers, Renzo


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