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Community Survey Insights

Rethinking the Hartley District Progress Association’s Purpose

Over the years the HDPA has undertaken a diverse range of highly successful projects, The Big Backyard, the Moment in Time exhibition and Valley Variety to name a few that have been. It has facilitated the debate over the Highway upgrade and has been a key player in the push to have the highway made safer. It has had guest speakers present on subjects of interest, it has lobbied council on issues of concern, it has co-ordinated programs like Clean Up Australia. In short a lot has been done in the interest of making the Hartley region a better place to live.

In light of the change in the Valley demographic it is appropriate to revisit the objectives of the HDPA. What should the HDPA be doing to ‘generally improve living conditions’ in the Valley? Should we be advocates for rural sustainability, for the environment, for local infrastructure, for economic development, for local planning considerations, for heritage, for governance? Should we be a community builder, a communicator of issues, a source of information? Alternatively should we be no more than we are.

The following link will take you to a description of the Design Thinking Process and its outcomes as described in an Insert included in the Summer 2016 HDPA Newsletter.



This is what the two branches of the Community Survey undertaken during September 2016 have revealed: 


















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