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“That Den of Infamy, the No. 2 Stockade Cox’s River”

An historical investigation into the construction, in the 1830s, of the Western Road from Mt Victoria to Bathurst by a convict workforce.

by Sue Rosen
PhD Thesis University of Western Sydney 2006

Sue Rosen, author and researcher of this work, a process that took thirteen years of hard labour, has very kindly given permission to the Hartley Valley Community Website to publish her thesis. 

We are very grateful for this, Sue, and to David Hirsch who acted as go-between for the arrangements to be made. 

© Sue Rosen 2006

Introduction and Abstract & Chapter Headings

Chapter 1      Introduction

Chapter 2     Historical Prelude: The Transportation and Penal Reform Debate and the Western Road

Chapter 3     The Local Context: Colonial Road Construction – Policy, Politics and Practice

                           Maps & Photographs 3a       Maps & Photographs 3b    Maps & Photographs 3c    Maps & Photographs 3d

Chapter 4       Construction of the Western Road           Maps & Photographs 4a

Chapter 5       The Western Road Convict Sites

Chapter 6       The Western Road Convicts

Chapter 7      The Convict Workers of the Western Road

Chapter 8      The Convict Experience on the Western Road

Chapter 9     Conclusion


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