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Blackheath Highway Action Group


The BAG Website can be viewed here: http://www.bag.asn.au/

BAG: Our Membership

The Blackheath Highway Action Group was formed with the support of the Blackheath Chamber of Commerce and Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre.  Local groups such as Blackheath Streetscape, Blackheath Public School Council and Friends of Blackheath Pool and Park support us.  We are a part of the Blackheath Chamber of Commerce.  Our member base currently stands at just over 110 fully paid members, comprising individuals, families and local businesses. We represent a diverse cross section of the local community and include non local people interested in the effect of proposed highway upgrades on the future of Blackheath and the Blue Mountains.


January 2013 Newsletter 

NSW Govt Starts Planning Highway Safety Improvements in Blackheath


After intensive lobbying by BAG the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has started planning for highway safety improvements between Katoomba and Mt Boyce including through Blackheath.

RMS will be holding a community workshop at 6.30pm on Monday 18 Feb at the Redleaf Resort, Evans Lookout Road, Blackheath.  We encourage you to attend and have your say.

The proposed RMS highway safety improvements is a major win by BAG and the Blackheath community.  Last July the NSW Government announced funding for highway safety improvements between Katoomba and Mt Victoria in response to the release of the Evans and Peck independent report, which called for greater focus on local highway safety instead of funding the River Lett Hill b-double bypass (stage 1 of the proposed Mt Victoria to Lithgow four lane M4 style upgrade).

The funding allocated (up to $40 million) will be used to fix highway blackspots such as the dangerous bends on the highway near Medlow Bath and improve safety and access for local residents at key highway intersections in Blackheath (including Govetts Leap Road, Abbott Street, Hat Hill Road and Station Street) and in Medlow Bath.

Members of the BAG committee along with representatives from BANC, Chamber, RSL, Streetscape, BPS School Council and others met with RMS last Thursday for a preliminary planning meeting.  The key issues we discussed included:

–         – the corridor of trees along the highway must be protected,

–         – RMS needs to address speeding and improve safety not only for local motorists but also pedestrians and cyclists, and

–         – the dangerous bends on the highway near Medlow Bath must be fixed.

BAG has lobbied very hard for these proposed highway safety improvements.  As we have stated many times we don’t need four lanes to fix highway safety and this NSW Government initiative supports our view.

 BAG will continue to lobby for major investment in rail for the transport of long haul freight across the Blue Mountains to reduce the number of trucks on the highway.  

As you are probably aware the date for the 2013 Federal Election has been announced.  BAG will be meeting with all candidates for the federal seat of Macquarie over the coming months.  We need your help, as BAG supporters please tell us what transport policy initiatives you would like BAG to pursue as part of the 2013 Federal Election campaign.  

Please visit www.bag.asn.au for more information …..

Blackheath Highway Action Group (BAG)

safer highway, more freight on rail, better public transport

email: blackheathhighwayaction@gmail.com

web: http://www.bag.asn.au/

BAG October / November news:

Come visit the BAG stall on Saturday 3 November 2012 at the Blackheath Rhododendron Festival and have your say on how we can make our highway safer.

Some Blackheath shopkeepers received notice from RMS (RTA) that nightly highway roadworks would start this coming Friday night (resurfacing and maintenance). As a result of BAG intervention, the highway roadworks have now been postponed until after the Rhodo Festival. The proposed roadworks will now start on Tuesday night (6 November 2012).

BAG responds to the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan draft report. Click here to read our submission.

Click here to read the BAG submission on the RMS concept design for the proposed upgrade of the highway between Mt Victoria and Lithgow.

The daily Bathurst train commenced service on 21 October. This express service between Bathurst and Parramatta / Sydney also stops at Katoomba and Mount Victoria. See cityrail.com.au for more information.

The State Government announces investment in NSW grain branch lines and a new rail siding at Blayney, important measures that will encourage more freight on rail.

BAG is working closely with the Blue Mountains Commuters and Transport Users Association and Cityrail to improve our train service.

Come and see us at the BAG stall for more information.


Michael Paag
Chair – BAG on behalf of the BAG committee

Blackheath Highway Action Group
Safer roads, freight on rail, better public transport
email: blackheathhighwayaction@gmail.com
web: www.bag.asn.au


  1. They need to get the trucks off the roads and more cargo onto the trains. The roads are not safe for our kids when there’s 1600 trucks crossing each week.
    We need more cargo trains and less trucks.

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