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Lunacy Queen got a Roasting at the Midwinter Bonfire

On Sunday 8th July, the weather was mild for mid winter, the air calm – perfect for a celebration of the passing of the Winter Solstice – the Hartley District Progress Association’s Mid Winter Madness event.

Queen Luna of the Dark Night, who dramatically dominated the pile of timber and prunings that formed the bonfire, was despatched in a shower of flame to the delight of young and old.

Sparklers, glow in the dark wrist bands and marshmallows supplemented the pumpkin soup and sausage and onion rolls prepared by the Hartley District Progress Association.

Many thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the evening, especially Barb Johnson, Ian Campbell, Mick Combs, Susie and Ramsie Moodie and Dianne Pease, and especially to Margaret Combs who made and dressed our bonfire effigy,  and to the 60 others who came to watch, enjoy, meet old friends and make new ones. And the kids (of all ages) had a ball!

There are photos of the evening in the Photo Gallery – HDPA Events





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