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Snow Falls in Hartley & Elsewhere in NSW


The Hartley Valley experienced its heaviest snowfall for over a dozen years today, 12th October – Mid Spring! It started with light rain from 6am, but by 9am the rain had turned to snow which continued to fall for 40 minutes, settling on the ground and the spring blossoms and giving everyone a big surprise!  A second fall from about 11 to 11.30 sent the temperature plummeting to 1 degree C. (It had been 2 degrees overnight). Gradually the snow turned back to rain and by early afternoon only patches were left on the surrounding escarpment.

The full story of how the rest of Southern Australia fared can be seen on the ABC News Web Site.

Some photos of Hartley in the snow can be viewed here.

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  1. It was fun driving to work in Bathurst this morning. Mount Lambie was a winter wonderland, albeit in spring.

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