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Notice from Hartley Bush Fire Brigade 21st October, 2pm


via Ramsay Moodie  Monday 21st October, 2pm.

Over the past few days a bull dozer track has been made around the base of the escarpment tree line from Browns Gap Road to the Great Western Highway  to permit access for back burning operations being undertaken when the winds permit.

The intention is to create a fire break that will effectively prevent the State Mine (Lithgow) Fire from crossing the Great Western Highway and getting into the Kanimba Valley. If the fire reaches the Kanimbla,  Blackheath and towns further east will become far more vulnerable to this destructive fire.

Expect to see more smoke along the escarpment over the next few days and nights.

As the winds strengthen and become more erratic over the next couple of days the likelihood of ember attack increases.


All landholders are asked to monitor their properties and to put out any spot fires they may find.  When small, a fire can be easily extinguished with a bucket of water.

It is recommended that residents have large containers of water placed around their properties to make it easier to put out any spot fires that may occur.

The new wheelie bins that Lithgow Council has delivered to households recently would be a perfect receptacle – easy to bucket water from when the need arises.


Please ensure you have your Bush Fire Survival Plan operational, and keep up to date with events via the Rural Fire Service Website (www.rfs.nsw.gov.au) and the ABC News (www.abc.net.au/news)

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