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A Moment in Time Revisited in Spring 2014


A Moment in Time II will be open at the Historic Hartley Schoolhouse in Hartley , 10am-4pm on weekends from Saturday 13th September to Sunday 12th October and by appointment, for large groups, on any week day in that period.

Guided Cox’s Road Walks (Mt York to Glenroy) will be conducted on Sunday 14th September, Sunday 21st September, Thursday 2nd October, Saturday 4th October and Sunday 12th October; again with bookings accepted for large parties on any day between 14th September and 12th October.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the delivery of our 2014 program please contact Barbara Johnson who will again act as coordinator of our volunteer team.

Barb can be contacted on 0458 552 017.


  1. Hi, Just wondering if you are going to have a market there this year, last year was wonderful.
    Thanking you,

    • I’m not sure at this stage, Trish.
      We’ll discuss the possibility at the next planning meeting and post the results here.

  2. thanks for this update Diane…would like to see the exhibition again and maybe do one of the guided walks this time round..better do some training!!
    Liz 🙂

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