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HDPA Executive for 2015 Elected

At the well-attended Annual General Meeting of the Hartley District Progress Association on Monday 1st December the following Committee members were elected:

President: Tom Kent (until the sale of his property)

Vice President: Seamus Casey

Treasurer: Ramsay Moodie

Secretary: Barbara Wheat

Other Committee Members: Sharon Howard, John Facchina, Ian  Campbell, Diane Green

Hall Hire: Barbara Johnson

Newsletter: Susie Moodie

Website: Diane Green

Business Directory: Barbara Johnson & Susie Moodie

Thank you to all who attended, and congratulations to all involved .




  1. On behalf of CVA Inc we congratulate the members of their positions on the Management Committee.

    Can I suggest from the most northern boundary of the LGA that CVA gets together with your members for a picnic day.
    A chance to meet each other.

    Rotate one year at Hartley and then Glen Davis?
    CVA Inc
    Donna Upton
    02 6379 7767

    • Thank you Donna. That sounds like a lovely suggestion.
      I will pass this on to the other committee members, along with your message of congratulations.
      Wishing you all in the Capertee Valley a joyous festive season, and plenty more rain to keep the fires away.

      Seamus for HDPA

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