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The HDPA Autumn Newsletter is Online Now.

As well as being delivered to 650 households within the Hartley Valley by a band of intrepid, faithful volunteers the Hartley District Progress Association’s Autumn Newsletter is also available online. Just go to the HDPA drop down menu on this page to Newsletters, or use the shortcut here.

Thanks to Susie and Ramsay Moodie for a really informative newsletter,  to Duncan Wass for putting it all together, and to the dozen people who met to collate and fold newsletters for distribution last Friday morning.

Come to our General Meeting at 7pm on Monday 7th March at the Old Hartley School in Mid Hartley Road to meet our new Committee Members and be amongst the first to know what’s happening in the Valley.

After several  unavoidable delays, Matthew Johnson & Melanie Jones from Lithgow City Council will be there to address the community on the Hartley Valley Enhancement Program that kept us busy last year.




  1. Good work team !!

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