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Hartley Hikers’ News

Six Hartley Hikers plus one Four Footed Friend had a lovely walk on Friday 13th May. After driving to the Hassan’s Walls lookout, we headed to the locked gate walk in beautiful sunshine and great company following the track that services the several communication towers behind Hassans Walls. It led us almost to Lithgow, but in order to enjoy a hot drink afterwards we had to retrace our steps to our vehicles and then drive into town where we could easily see how close to town the track had led us.

The next destination on Friday 20 May will be the Cox’s Road so we will meet at Collits Inn at 8.45am, and depart at 9am. We will need cars at the beginning and end of walk and that will be organised  on the day. We will head down the track starting at Mt York and hopefully enjoy a cuppa after the walk. This will be quite a rugged walk, so proper walking shoes and protective clothing are essential. It may be all downhill, but it is steep and rocky in places. How they managed to use it as a road back in 1815 definitely shows determination!

Please contact Barb Wheat on 0415 539 801 if you have any queries. Look forward to seeing you there.

Friday 27 May walk will be to Hyde Park – more info to follow.

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