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Proposed Changes to the HDPA Constitution

At our 2017 AGM to be held in December a number of changes will be proposed to the Constitution of the HDPA. These will include an amendment to pick up the principal changes made to the standard constitution (provided under the Association Incorporations Act) to allow for the use of electronic media and technology in the administration of the Association. The other changes will comprise:

    • To recognise that we have always had our Treasurer act as Public Officer not the Secretary as currently provided in our Constitution;
    • To allow membership of not only residents but also of people owning property in the valley or running businesses in the valley;
    • To introduce a specified delay of 28 days between membership application and the granting of membership to achieve a better continuity in membership; and,
    • To allow members whose membership will potentially be terminated through ceasing to be resident in the valley to remain members if they wish, subject to the specific approval of the members (this is picking up a principle we have already adopted in practice).

The specifics of these changes will be promulgated with the notice for the HDPA’s AGM that will be circulated in our December newsletter. Any change will require the approval of 75% of members present and entitled to vote. If anybody has any query relating to these changes or wishes to suggest other changes as desirable please call Renzo Benedet on 0418 424 452.

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