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Lithgow City Council Comunity Grands


Community Facilities and Infrastructure Grants


Hy-Tec Industries Pty Ltd (Hy-Tec) operates the Austin Quarry located in Hartley. Hy-Tec provides an annual contribution to Lithgow City Council for community facilities and infrastructure. Community groups, organisations or individuals are invited to access the funds for projects in the following categories: 1) general community facilities and infrastructure in the Hartley area – current total funds (Hartley Area) available $16,005.01 and/or 2) projects within the Lithgow LGA – current total funds (Lithgow LGA) available  $25,847.19. Expressions of interest are currently being sought for such projects; these will be determined by Lithgow City Council in association with Hy-Tec. Submissions are to be addressed to Hy-Tec Industries at darryl.thiedeke@hy-tec.com.au no later than 31 October 2018. All submissions are to provide a time period and itemised cost estimates for the proposed projects. NB – This fund is for community facilities and infrastructure.  Applications for items such as events, programs and celebrations cannot be considered. Application forms will be provided upon request to darryl.thiedeke@hy-tec.com.a

For any enquiries, please contact Darryl at the above listed email address.



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