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RFS Information on Fires close to Hartley 19-10-2013

Watch and Act – State Mine Fire (Lithgow, Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains) 19/10/13 22:23

Posted: 19/10/2013

A large bush fire continues to burn between Lithgow and Bilpin. Easing conditions have enabled this fire to be downgraded to Watch and Act.

Current Situation

If you are in the Bilpin (Hawkesbury LGA)

Crews are currently back burning in and around the Bilpin area towards Mountain Lagoon to strengthen containment lines.  Fire and and smoke may be seen from these operations.

The Bells Line of Road is closed from Bilpin to Scenic Hill.

Other roads in this area remain open, however they may be closed at times for operational and safety reasons. Be aware of fire tanker movements in this area.

If your travel is not essential, please avoid the area.


If you are in the area of Bell or Dargan (Lithgow LGA)

Fire crews will continue to monitor properties in this area after the fire crossed the Bells Line of Road. There may be a need to conduct some back burning operations in this area overnight.


If you are in the areas of Lithgow, Marrangaroo and Hartley Vale (Lithgow LGA)

Back backing operations to strengthen containment lines will occur in these areas. You will continue to experience a lot of smoke in these areas as temperatures reduce overnight.

Visibility on roads is likely to be low. Please proceed with caution.


Damage Assessment – Building Impact Analysis
  • House (Habitable Dwelling) – 1 damaged, 3 destroyed
  • Outbuilding (Shed, Business etc) – 1 damaged, 7 destroyed


Seek shelter as the fire impacts to protect yourself from the heat of the fire.
Marrangaroo: People in vicinity of Reserve Road east of the Great Western Highway should be mindful of fire buring to the east, behind the Army Camp. Whilst the fire is burning at a low intensity there is a lot of smoke moving across the area.

Evacuation centres – Open

  • Richmond Club – East Market Street, Richmond
  • Lithgow Workers Club – 3 Tank Street, Lithgow
  • Springwood Sports Centre – 83 Macquarie Road, Springwood

Evacuation centres – Closed

  • Blackheath Community Centre – Great Wester Highway, Blackheath

Road Closures 

The Bells Line of Road is closed from Scenic to Bilpin, with access for local residents as far as Clarence. Access to Dargan remains closed.

Residents who relocated from Bilpin to Kurrajong this afternoon may now return to their properties.

The Great Western Highway is open and can be used as an alternative, however, motorists should consider avoiding all non essential travel in this area.

Due to bush fire activity there are numerous road closures and roads may be closed without notice. Road closures continue to be assessed, however, there is no forecast as to when they will reopen. Motorists are urged to avoid all bushfire affected areas.

For the latest traffic information, visit www.livetraffic.com or call 132 701.

Watch and Act – Mount York Road, Mt Victoria Fire (Blue Mountains) 19/10/13  19:54

Posted: 19/10/2013


Located at Mt York Rd, Mt Victoria, Darling Causeway, Mt Vic Falls Fire Trail 3km north of Mt Boyce 4km north of Blackheath 2km east of Little Hartley 3km south of Hartley Vale
COUNCIL AREA: Blue Mountains
STATUS: Being Controlled
TYPE: Bush/Scrub fire
SIZE: 1034 ha

The fire burning near Mount York Road at Mount Victoria in the upper Blue Mountains, is being controlled by more than 60 firefighters.

Current Situtation

The fire is burning in the Grose Valley, and is approaching the Great Western Highway from the north near Berghoffers Pass.

The fire has not crossed the Great Western Highway to the west. Darling Causeway is closed in both directions. 

There is significant smoke throughout the area from Katoomba to Glenbrook and beyond.

Damage Assessment – Building Impact Analysis

House (Habitable Dwelling) – 1 damaged, 7 destroyed

Outbuilding (Shed, Business etc) – 0 damaged, 0 destroyed


At this stage, the Great Western Highway will remain open unless affected by fire activity.

Monitor the situation. Ensure you know what you will do if the situation changes.

Put your Bush Fire Survival Plan into action.

If you do not have a Bush Fire Survival Plan, know what you will do if the fire threatens your property.

Well prepared and actively defended homes can offer safety during the fire.

Evacuation Centres

Evacuation Centres have been established at:

  • Lithgow Workers Club is OPEN.
  • Springwood Sports Club is OPEN.

Road Closures 

Darling Causeway is closed.

Due to bush fire activity there are numerous road closures. Please also be aware that road closures may occur without notice. These closures will continue to be assessed across the day, however, there is no forecast as to when these roads will reopen. Motorists are urged to avoid all bushfire affected areas.

For the latest traffic information, visit www.livetraffic.com or call 132 701.

Public Transport Closures

For the latest public transport information visit 131500.com.au or call 131 500.


  1. Can anyone tell me about the fire east of the gap is this controlled back burning?

    • Yes, Sarah. Notice of this backburning operation was posted yesterday evening:

      “To prevent the Lithgow fire from impacting on the Hartley valley as the winds change back to the NW on Sunday and Monday, the RFS will be backburning the northern escarpment of the valley from Brown’s Gap Road through Clarence to Reedy Gully from this evening (Friday 18th October).

      Over the next couple of days the back burn will continue up through Lawsons Long Valley.

      For more information on these and the progress of the fires keep in touch through the rfs website. http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

      Be sure to have your Bush Fire Survival Plan up to date and know what to do if the fires impact on your area.

  2. hi diane,
    i have been keeping a check on this site and others, thinking of people in the valley and all the people working so hard to contain the fires…stay safe,
    liz & moe

    • Thanks Liz.
      The wind’s just picked up from the east in the last half hour.
      Trying to ascertain how that will impact on the fires from the RFS Website. Lots more smoke in this part of the valley now.

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