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Total Fire Ban for Sunday 9th February


The weather forecast for the Central Tablelands for Sunday: Hot and sunny.

Winds N/NW 15 to 20 km/h tending W/NW in the middle of the day then becoming light in the late evening.

Daytime maximum temperatures 34 to 39.

With so little rain this summer (32.5 mm in December and 27.5 mm in January for Mid Hartley) and continuing temperatures in the 30’s  we all need to be very vigilant today with hot dry North West winds forecast.

The fire rating for the Central Tablelands for today is Severe.

More information on being prepared for both heatwaves and fire  for both properties and horses in the Country Living Pages. There are also links to the Rural Fire Service there.



  1. Thanks again for your wealth of info and keeping us all in touch.
    Build a Westerly (and winter Southerly) wind proof (ie. it wont blow over) shelter for horses, we built ours to keep the rain and cold off the ponies in Winter but noticed they love it for shade and have spent a lot of time in it this Summer as it’s also shaded by trees.
    1/3 opening encourages them to go in and out at will – better than a stable as they choose when to get out of the heat. Ours is circular as it’s made from an old rusty rain water tank with a cut out , dirt floor, edges of steel sheeting go into the soil. Gum fallen timber supports. Fred Charmers (also does fencing but can make anything) built it first for alpacas and then we added more sheets to the sides in its next use for ponies.
    I watch them from the house and the 3 of them stay in there from 10 till 4pm on a hot day. Shetlands are not stupid!
    🙂 Thanks, Angela Perry

    • Thanks Angie for your informative comments on paddock shelters for horses.
      Always good to get more local information here.

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