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HDPA Newsletter History

There’s a lot of the Hartley Community’s history reflected in old newsletters.

HDPA newsletters dating from 1998 to 2010, prior to the time Newsletters were published on-line, have just been scanned & uploaded to the HDPA section of the website. In doing so, so much of the Valley’s history has been revealed – through articles, promotions, activities and advertisements.

So much good work was done through the organisation for the community by Pam Day, Terry Feltham, Carol Crossman, Duncan Wass, Maggie Renvoize & Tania Edwards, Ian Campbell, Seamus Casey, Barbara Orr, Dunja Alexanda, Tom Kent, Chris Bird and many others over the years.

A new collection has just been added to the list. Issues dating from 1985 to 1997 with names both new and familiar who have worked tirelessly for the local community: Margaret Combs, Sharon  Howard, Diane Linhart, Lyn Casey, Pat Barber, Val Morris, Rosemary Barber, Joy Lawson, Charles Dalglish, Lyn Mickklesson, Doreen Peters, Sandi Bartlett, Jenny Roberts, Julie Patterson, Leanne Wilson.

If you’re wondering just what did go on here in years past, just take a few moments to explore the HDPA Newsletter Page.

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